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Welcome guest blogger Holly Greenfield

I'm jazzed to have Holly as this week's guest blogger. She's done an awesome job as vice president (soon to be President) of Central New York Romance Writers this year, and is also a fellow TWRP author. Holly's, Beltane Faerie of Fate, was published in the popular Enchanted Faerie Anthology. Bellow is the link to read an excerpt:

Holly also writes a blog with several other authors at the Author's studio:

For a change of pace, today she's decided to chat about the power of positive thinking, something we need more of in these changing economic times.

Positive Thinking:
Positive thinking powers the mind like the moon drives the tides. And the tides are important to the balance of the sea. Just as positive thinking is important to balance in our lives. It is amazing the people out there that scoff at the power and energy of positive thinking. I won't like and tell you being positive is easy, but I can assure the results are worth the effort.

Being positive is not a single action, or a brief moment, but a life style. A way in which we enrich our lives in all that we do, say, think, feel, and touch. "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world" –Buddha.
You don't have to be Buddhist to know that Buddha was a pretty smart guy. He says "All that we are arises with our thoughts." Think about this for minute. Those who already live by the mantra of positive energy know that this is the golden key. But for those who haven't yet accepted that a reversal in thought can change their lives, should take a minute to dissect the Buddha's wisdom. (And know that Buddha isn't the only one to offer such advice).

All that we are arises from our thoughts…
The actions we complete, the words we string together in a sentence, the treatment we extend to others—it's all from the power of our thoughts. If you awake on a rainy morning and from the moment your eyes open, decided that a rainy day is a gloomy, bad day—guess what?—Your thoughts for that day, your words and actions for that day will be gloomy and bad. And as a result so will every interaction you have that day, so will every thought thereafter, and so your inability attempt a positive attitude will inevitably negatively effect those around you. You will not see the joy in what the rain brings to the earth, nor the opportunities if affords you.-- A rain-day from work, a reason to call in and curl up on the couch dressed in cozy pajamas with a good book and just relax. It could offer you the opportunity to play with your children in the rain, to wait it out and hear and smell the clarity that is in air and the songs birds that sing after a good, hard rain. The rainy day could be yours for the taking—all you have to do is want it.
A rainy down is a small scale version of what positive thinking can do for you, but the bigger picture is always the same.
Decide today that this is going to be a great day. Decided today that whatever goes wrong isn't the end of a good day. And that perhaps whatever went awry wasn't exactly wrong, but a different way for it to be done. Decided today to take a lesson from each of your encounters, instead of walking away with anger, frustration or even sadness weighing you down. I don't mean that these emotions are not valid emotions that should be acknowledged, but where we can take a weight off your hearts (and perhaps live a little longer for it), and where we can be a bright spot in some else's day (Perhaps helping them to live a longer as well) then why not make that decision.
By making an effort to see the silver lining in every gray cloud, you will inevitably feel lighter, healthier, and more energetic than you have in ages. And it's not far off to think, that positive energy used in positive thinking will produce positive actions, such as friendlier conversations, unexpected friendships in the oddest of places, healthier eating, healthier habits, a clearer complexion, a loss in excess weight… the positive results from positive thinking are endless. What have you to lose by giving it a try?

Arthur Rubinstein said, "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back." This is a positive attitude, positive thoughts resulting in positive living. How can life not be good to you, when you are good to life! Your argument could be that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Bad, hurtful things happen and weigh heavily on the mind and soul. Of course they happen, but it is how you face them, how you handle the situation that affords you the solace of positive living. The psychologist, William James said, "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude." What greater gift could a person ask for, than to be in control of your own happiness?
In being positive you generate positive energy that carries a contagious bug. We all know that when you smile at someone, they have to smile back. Why? Because happiness, positive energy is contagious, and no matter the source of the smile, it is always happy.

I completely agree, Holly.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love and Peace,


Ashley Ladd said...

I sure get a lot more accomplished when I'm thinking positively as opposed to down in the dumps. It also makes bad situations seem somewhat better.

Good post.

Miriam Newman said...

Many good thoughts there, Holly. Conversely, I sometimes find depression spurs me to write! Man, I hate it when that happens. Would rather try your method. Best!

Nicole North said...

I'm with you there, Holly! I certainly believe in the power of positive thinking. Great post!!

Pat McDermott said...

Lots of wisdom here, Holly. Being around positive people is so conducive to simply feeling great! Being around negative people can wear us down fast. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for the reminders!

Holly Greenfield said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ladies! It is amazing how different life is when we think positively. I'll be the first to admit I get bogged with negativity a lot. It's hard to stay afloat sometimes. But I try to stay alert for those day and work to stay positive. The glass half full is a more productive way to live. :0)

Holly Greenfield said...

I get what your saying. Depression has probably driven some of the greatest works of literature we've ever read. But I bet if you think about, when your done writing, the depression is gone. And instead you feel good about your writing. I guess you could call positive therapy through writing. :0)

Anonymous said...

I, too, learned that the power of positive thinking is life altering. Almost five years ago, I suffered a stroke. Thank goodness it was not debilitating, but enough to knock me on my butt for five months. The doctor warned me that my attitude would affect my recovery.I was overworked and negative. When I was able to negotiate, I made myself a promise to take each day as it comes to me. To stop and smell the roses (sounds cliche but so true) in some form each day, reflecting on all the good things that life had brought to me in my lifetime. I found myself re-energized in both mind and body. And I didn't even have to do yoga! I learned "not to sweat the small stuff" (not easy when you're type A) and look for the good in everyone I meet. My life has changed for the better (although retirement certainly has helped) and I now sit each night and write, something I had always longed to do since I was a kid. I joined a great group of people known as the CNYRW and have made new friends. Although my children are now grown (and I angst over their leaving me), I take pride in their accomplishments and hope that my lessons learned over the past five years have been passed on. Before my stroke, I tended to get down about small and large issues. Now I wake up thinking of one good thing that could happen each day and go to bed writing in my journal of the positive outcomes. Robert Frost once wrote in "The Road Not Taken"---"I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference." I learned that the road less traveled by is always filled with great adventures, new friends and positive days. Hope you have the same journey as I am having.sub

Laurie Bumpus

Holly Greenfield said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story here! You are a great example of the power of being positive. Negativity, though it's not tangible as in a solid object, is like a toxin to us. Once inside us becomes very tangible in all that we do. It will hold us back in our goals, health and over all happiness. It's great to see how being positive has changed your life. And with such a positive grandmother around, I am sure your grandchildren have taken in all you had to offer. Positive thinking is contagious. :0)

Keta Diablo said...

Great post! Couldn't we all subscribe to the power of positive thinking in R lives.

Great post. I really enjoyed it.

Keta Diablo

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Fabulous post, Holly, and so true. Lately, I've been a little overwhelmed and prone to the "Oh, no" syndrome. Thanks for reminding me I can choose to be content, to face things with a smile. The loss of that mind set was so gradual, I didn't even realize I'd lost it---I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Now I know, so it's time to put things back in their proper perspective.

There are no coincidences in life, just signposts in disguise.

Holly Greenfield said...

I experienced the same thing! It slips away so easily, and so subtly you don't even know until one day someone reminds you you are looking at life in the wrong way. ( I say that loosely, negativity isn't perse the wrong way, just not the best way perhaps)
I'm so glad the post was useful to you, and I wish you all the best.

Holly Greenfield said...

I forgot to mention earlier, when someone above mentioned journals. A gratitude journal is a wonderful way to stay positive day by day. It forces us to look at the good we have in our lives.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Holly, Very nice post. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I keep a quote in my planner by Charles Swindoll. If you do a search on him with the words quotes and attitude, you'll find it. The wisdom of a positive attitude and the reminder from the quote has gotten me through some trying times over the years. The other thing I try to do is create physical pictures of my dreams. Pictures of my dream house, a mock cover of my book, etc. Thank you for an additional reminder through your post.

liana laverentz said...

I agree completely. Your mind is not in control of you. You are in control of your mind (hence, your attitude). Great blog post, Holly!

Alexis Walker said...

Holly, I completely agree with you! After watching The Secret I started changing my attitude to positive. I wasn't negative per se, but I always thought "well, if I at least accomplish this, that would be good."
Wow! What a difference it made. It is so important especially in this profession of writing! Great post!

Gayle Callen said...

Holly, what an inspiring message! Thank you! I've tried to work hard to be positive. It truly can affect your life and make you so much happier. We are what we think!

Julie Robinson said...

Wonderful post, Holly. As Buckskin Bill used to say when he ended his show, "You're never completely dressed 'til you put on a smile." Yes, my son got tired of hearing that growing up! And it's said that even if you don't feel like smiling, you should smile anyways; doing so will make you feel better.

Have a happy day!

Mary Ricksen said...

You are who you believe you are.