Friday, June 25, 2010


A soldier, haunted by the death if his troops in Iraq, tries to resume his former life as a NYS police officer. Then she returns to town. To keep her safe from a danger that she won’t talk about, he’ll break the rules to be her personal body guard, sacrifice a dream promotion, and risk it all, for the woman he loves
A woman returns from three heartbreaking years in L.A. and opens a chocolate shop, convinced her life will return to normal. But her troubles have followed her home. First she’s stalked. Then shot at. Accused of embezzlement and thrown in jail for a crime she did not commit. Not even her best friend knows what really happened in L.A., and she’ll keep that knowledge from the man she loves, even if it means going back to the devil that started all her heartache.
Vengence is all she has left.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kasey Kahne

Some Nascar news. Rumor has it that Kasey Kahne might be leaving Petty Motor sport and moving to the championship team- Jimmy Johnson's!! He'd be driving a Chevy and have a primo team and crew chief and it will make him a household name!! I hope it works out!

More good news for MELTDOWN

The wonderful contest coordinator of the Book Buyers Best contest, Carol Hughes, was able to get a quote from Sue Grimshaw, the Romance buyer for Borders: "great story, strong writing, wonderful characters, and talented writer." I'm in orbit!!.
I also contacted Sue to thank her personally, and she responded she thought the book was great. WOW.
I have to finish, LOVE LIKE YOU"RE DYING. No more excuses!! But first, my bride chapters need to go out ASAP. Back to work.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Best Book Finalist

It's been one of those crazy years that I'd rather forget... so imagine my confusion when I opened a package from the Orange County RWA Chapter and found a certificate saying that MELTDOWN is a BBB finalist in the Suspense/Mystery Category. I'd missed the email announcement from the contest coordinator around my April when I averaged about 100 emails a week. Besides the colorful certificate, I received a beautiful pin with a large orange stone. I'm so thrilled. Now I have another reason to smile ear-to-ear this last week of school!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kristan Higgin's Visit

I'm jazzed about the upcoming visit by 2008 RITA-award winning author, and 2010 RITA nominee for single title contemporary romance novel, Kristan Higgins. She will be a guest presenters this Saturday at our CYNRW meeting. I met her at Nationals in Washington D.C last year at the president's meeting. We sat at the same table and got to talking about where we were from and I invited her to visit my home town. I can't wait to hear her presentation about character arc and plotting. Plus later I'll be showing her around Syracuse. I hope construction is finished on 690 and 81, or it will be a short tour. I plan to show her the place we writers hang out after the meeting, the Retreat, and SU and the Carrier Dome. Then we'll hit Armory Square for a few hours. Maybe more than that!

Peace and love,


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Great news to begin 2010. MELTDOWN has been nominated for best book of the year by LASR. I'm thrilled, honored, and all I can think of is cliche's I'm so excited.
If you loved Evan and Cassie's story, readers are welcome to vote until 2/15 at the following site:

In other writing news, I've entered MELTDOWN in two contests, the NEC Bean Pot and the BBC by Orange County Romance Writers.

And NASCAR's back! Danica Patrick had her first Nationwide race at Daytona on Saturday. She proved she could handle a stock car and drive with the boys. Good job lady! So many little girls can dream of growing up to become racecar drivers.

Today's a triple header- Daytona 500 Sprint Cup race, SU basketball game (same time- good thing I have DVR) and it's the sweetest day of the year.
Happy Valentine's Day to all romance readers!