Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Chase

Sounds like the title of a romance novel, but it's the name of the contest to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup. We're down to 12 drivers that qualify and my fav drivers have made it: Kasey, Carl Edwards, Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin. The sentimental favorite is Mark (the youngster) Martin, the baby boomer generation's hero. I met him years ago at The Glen. He was shorter than me,and I'm 5'3". Jimmy Johnston, a hottie, can make history and win 4 in a row. He's Mr. Cool on the track, but could be a male model on the cover of one of my books. Kasey is the young, talented driver that could surprise everyone. He's got a good team behind him, plus his boss is the King, Richard Petty. There's a lot of fans that would love to see the King hoist that Sprint Cup- made by Tiffany's that has to be handled with gloves. Carl's had a rough year, but he gets the tough guy award. With a broken foot he manages win Nationwide races, and he may shock a lot of people by winning the cup. He won 9 races last year, so he can do it if his luck changes. I believe this is Jeff Gordon's year. Ok, put aside that he's confident, some say cocky, but he's one of the greatest drivers ever, and he's been in the top five the last few races. He's a scientist behind the wheel, telling his team the changes he wants to his car.
Let the Chase begin!

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