Friday, August 14, 2009

Short Story Bingo- Welcome Vicki Batman

Tonight I'm happy to welcome a delightful friend I met at the KOD party at Dallas Convention, Vicki Batman. She's had a lot going on and has wonderful news to share!

His, Susan, and thanks for having me. I've had one crazy week and soon will tell more. Partly, because of the two newly adopted malti-poos, Champ (white) and Jones (charcoal). They are adorable, but potty training is killing all of us.

Susan and I talked at National about how our writing careers are progressing. Congratulations, gal, on your new release. I know you are thrilled.

My short story is now on the newsstands, Charlie's Friend, a September True Romance Happily Ever After. This story answers the never-ending questions of how I met Handsome. It's pretty funny. I like to write wit and humor into my stories.

I've been writing for five years now. I have three books (unpublished), written many stories which are out there in submission, and several essays.

About a year and a half ago, my critique partner said her New Year's goal was to write six to eight shorts to submit to Women's World magazine. Would I read them?

Of course I said yes. And in doing so, I got a crash course in writing a short story. One day I passed from my bedroom to my closet and Wham! An idea hit. (Don't you love it when that happens?) Since, I've been happily writing short stories. I love the rush of putting it down on paper (computer), then layering and layering. Finally, when I think, "no more," I send it to my partner.

She'll tell you she spreads blood (aka red ink) all over the page. I laugh when I get her critiques. Like I have one in my in box today and she found a huge glaring mistake that I'd read over multiple times. Even another friend never noticed. Thank God! for her.

Like all critique relationships, she does have her way and I have mine. I have to choose what I believe is best for my story. I am always eternally grateful when something she does really allows me to deepen my writing. (I only hope I do the same for her. LOL.)

So why stick with writing short stories? For now, I find it very satisfying. Oh yeah, I have a book on the back burner that needs a crucial element weaved in. But that takes too long. Someday I'll tackle that one again because I love the characters.

I'll keep on writing the shorts as long as I have ideas. It is amazing what stimulates the mind. Walking through the closet (I see a pattern here), I glanced over at Handsome's ties arrayed in a row on top of his dresser. Handsome buys the most beautiful silk ones ever. Then, bingo! The idea of a girl and a guy fighting over the same tie clicked. I raced downstairs and put what I had in the head on the computer and Presto! I'd written "Christmas Ties."

So lesson learned: never take the Bing! moments for granted. I believe the come from a special place. (Also learned to keep walking through the closet!!)

Thanks, Susan, for having me. If I can answer any questions, I'll be happy to. Contact me at or I'll be doing an in-depth author interview on loverly Susan in October.

Happy writing!

Vicki Batman


Winnie Griggs said...

Vicki, I've always admired writers who could write shorts. It's definitely a skillset all its own. Me, I have trouble sometimes getting my story to fit within the 55,000 word confines of a category novel!

Winnie Griggs

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Winnie. I'm so glad you could come by, especially since you are such a famous author!

I think for me it has to do with attention span, too. I'm in and out, bouncing around. I write short and fast and spare. Could be why I haven't finished a book in a while. The 3 I have finished I labored on for a long time.

You write beautiful descriptive pages and that is a wonderful talent. Thank you for commenting and see you soon.

PamStone said...

Hi Vicki,

Like Winnie, I also have trouble keeping mine within the confines. Great skill you've got there. And I loved Charlie's Friend. Great story.

Pamela Stone

Vicki Batman said...

Thank you my friend who's new book is a Harlequin, Last Resort: Marriage. I read passages long ago and saw true talent shine. Now I'm reading the book and enjoying every minute.

And thank you for the compliment about Charlie's Friend, a Happily Ever After about Handsome aka my husband. It's a hilarious look at how I met him.

Pam Phillips said...

Good morning, Vicki, it was very exciting to see my friend's story in print!

The new puppies could be a source of ideas for a humorous story.

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Pam! It is exciting. And I truly appreciate you being my first reader.

Puppies...I've been thinking, but nothing yet. Give a bit, though and something will hit. Meanwhile, I scribbled down "Valentine Hell" yesterday and "Feelings". And I didn't even walk through Handsome's closet either.

Sally F said...

Y'know, Vicki, closets represent secrets, at least in feng shui. Keep mining yours! (And if the closet isn't getting the job done, crack open a few drawers. They're secrets, too.)

Congratulations on the story. Still haven't been able to locate the magazine. Where are the rest of you buying it?


Vicki Batman said...

Sally! You are hilarious and right about closets. Maybe I should set up shop in mine. It's big enough. At least big enough for my close to 100 handbags. Oops. that's the secret.

Pam found her copy at Barnes & Noble, but my B&N didn't have any. I went to Hastings and got several and my sister raided the Hastings by her. Fry's Electronics was supposed to get some. Books a Million. If you have a loved one in a senior home or a favorite hair salon, they subscribe! Thanks for stopping by!

Addison Fox said...


Clearly you have a most-magical closet! :-)

I love what you've noted here about writing short stories and how exciting the format can be. I think that's one of the most wonderful things about writing and this business - there are so many ways to use our talent and stimulate our creativity - short story, novel length, educational pieces, blog posts - on and on. All of it uses our writing muscle and all of it can be very refreshing when we mix up our projects.

Super-congrats on Charlie's Friend!!!!


Vicki Batman said...

Thank you, girlfriend.

Maybe the closet is magical! I also think it's that time when we first wake up and nothing is there but the pureness of creativity.

I especially agree with you about loving what you write as long as it stimulates our minds.

And as I've said before, congratulations on your books!

Vicki Batman said...

Thanks, Susan, for having me today and thanks to all my friends who stopped by to blog. Happy Writing!

Susan St. Thomas said...

You know I place writing short stories next to writing a synopsis as one of the hardest things to do, kiddo. I'm so happy for you. Thanks again for dropping by, and I'll expect a return visit when your next SS comes out.