Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why I wear flip-flops in the winter

Some of you may think I'm crazy for wearing flip-flops in the winter. That tells me you don't live where I do, the famous "snow belt," of New York State. For those of us who live here, wearing flip-flops, and even shorts in the winter is our way of thumbing our nose at Old Man winter. We also have beach parties, play lots of Jimmy Buffet and the Beach Boys, and some northerners occasionally sport a Hawaiian shirt. Are we crazy. No way. The scientist in me would explain that we have so many months of cold weathers that we get acclimated to the weather. For example, one time I visited my cousin Maria, (hi Maria!), in Orlando. It was early April, and she still wore her winter coat and gloves. But we showed up wearing T-shirts, shorts and you guessed it, flip-flops and we were still warm! The writer half of me would romanticize that we aren't in denial, just having loads of fun and making the best of a sucky situation. So the next time you see guy on the weather channel getting orgasmic at the amount of snow that's falling up here, imagine him in a Hawaiian T-shirt, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. That should keep you chuckling for days! LOL

Friday, February 2, 2007


I rarely a procrastinator, but I finally made a list of New Year's resolutions. First on the list: Make time every day to write. Okay, that's an easy one. There's so many people talking in my head that some days I feel schizophrenic. I've learned to not fret, and just write down whoever's story is on my mind, even though I end up working on about five different stories at once. Right now I'm working on two more stories in my White Knight series for Triskelion, BROKEN and LIVE LIKE YOU'RE DYING. There's my romantic comedy's, THE POLITICS OF LOVE, and it's sequel, WANTED:DEMOCRAT. Then there's my NASCAR book, SAFE AT LAST. Whew! Thank goodness for winter and spring break.
My next resolution is to reshape my flabby body. Like Cassie in NEVER MY LOVE, I have a sweet tooth. And then there's my love of Italian food, and Finger Lakes wine, and chocolate ice cream .... Anyway, I've decided this is my last diet. If I don't succeed, then so be it. But I'm trying very hard this time. If I bring Hershey's kisses into my house, my security alarm will go off and the police department will show up and arrest me. ^ _ ^
My last resolution is to declutter my house. That's the toughest. But I need more room in my den for my writing stuff, and my new postcards, business cards, and book markers. Over the years I've started so many collections: depression glass, milk glass, Precious Moments, tons of Disney stuff, a tea cup collection, beanie babies, even Magic cards (my son's). What's a collect-oholic to do? Watch out e-bay, here I come!
What do you collect? Anything really weird? Drop me a note!