Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's next

If you've been following my facebook blurbs, I've been focused on hammering out the sequel to MELTDOWN, LOVE LIKE YOU"RE DYING, and I haven't commented too much on the reception of MELTDOWN. That's because I won't get any numbers for a time. I can get an idea of print book sales, though, by following Barnes and Nobles online. My sister can tell you it's irratically moved around the ranking. I phone her several times daily.

One place I found a numerical ranking was a website called Fictionwise. They sell e-books exclusively. Now remember, tell friends to BUY my print book or ebook from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. They are the ones who supported me, and we need to support them.

Okay. Here's some e-book sales numbers: One day in March, MELTDOWN ranked #125 out of 9946 romance titles. I nearly fell out of my swivel chair. I still don't know what that means, but at least it wasn't at the bottom of the list. On the same website, compared to my fellow authors at TWRP, it ranked as #7. That made my day!

So I decided to do a little advertising. I contacted my favorite ladies at LASR. They made a beautiful banner. Check it out on their website:
Treat yourself and read the reviews. Summer's around the corner. Time to stock up.

The picture is of a special get-a-way place in the Adirondacks.
What would you do on that boulder? Fish? Dive off it? Write in your diary? Exchange secrets with your best friend?
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Happy Mother's Day!