Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kristan Higgin's Visit

I'm jazzed about the upcoming visit by 2008 RITA-award winning author, and 2010 RITA nominee for single title contemporary romance novel, Kristan Higgins. She will be a guest presenters this Saturday at our CYNRW meeting. I met her at Nationals in Washington D.C last year at the president's meeting. We sat at the same table and got to talking about where we were from and I invited her to visit my home town. I can't wait to hear her presentation about character arc and plotting. Plus later I'll be showing her around Syracuse. I hope construction is finished on 690 and 81, or it will be a short tour. I plan to show her the place we writers hang out after the meeting, the Retreat, and SU and the Carrier Dome. Then we'll hit Armory Square for a few hours. Maybe more than that!

Peace and love,


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