Sunday, February 14, 2010


Great news to begin 2010. MELTDOWN has been nominated for best book of the year by LASR. I'm thrilled, honored, and all I can think of is cliche's I'm so excited.
If you loved Evan and Cassie's story, readers are welcome to vote until 2/15 at the following site:

In other writing news, I've entered MELTDOWN in two contests, the NEC Bean Pot and the BBC by Orange County Romance Writers.

And NASCAR's back! Danica Patrick had her first Nationwide race at Daytona on Saturday. She proved she could handle a stock car and drive with the boys. Good job lady! So many little girls can dream of growing up to become racecar drivers.

Today's a triple header- Daytona 500 Sprint Cup race, SU basketball game (same time- good thing I have DVR) and it's the sweetest day of the year.
Happy Valentine's Day to all romance readers!


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