Friday, June 25, 2010


A soldier, haunted by the death if his troops in Iraq, tries to resume his former life as a NYS police officer. Then she returns to town. To keep her safe from a danger that she won’t talk about, he’ll break the rules to be her personal body guard, sacrifice a dream promotion, and risk it all, for the woman he loves
A woman returns from three heartbreaking years in L.A. and opens a chocolate shop, convinced her life will return to normal. But her troubles have followed her home. First she’s stalked. Then shot at. Accused of embezzlement and thrown in jail for a crime she did not commit. Not even her best friend knows what really happened in L.A., and she’ll keep that knowledge from the man she loves, even if it means going back to the devil that started all her heartache.
Vengence is all she has left.

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