Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite excerpt

The weather claims our "extended spring" is over in Central NY, and summer is finally here. That means we're due for some hot days, and we'll be heading to the lake or beach or somewhere cool. If you're like me, you never go anywhere without a book.

Here's one of my favorite Excerpts from MELTDOWN:
Evan grew impatient as he watched Cassie fumble with the key in the old lock. He’d like to get his hands on the guy who remodeled the chocolate shop but ignored the door to her living quarters above the shop. One good kick would pop it open. A few more jiggles on the door handle and it creaked opened into a dim, cold hallway that he coaxed her inside.
She glanced up the stairwell and then faced him. “I want to thank you for a nice evening. And for the basket order of chocolates. I’ll see it gets delivered tomorrow.”
Then she stuck her hand out.
He almost laughed at the outstretched hand and tentative look on her face. Undaunted, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. Her body tensed at first but as his lips neared, she softly sighed and relaxed.
A light burst behind his eyes as his lips touched hers. Not the blinding desert sun that baked a man’s body and turned hope to ashes, rather the soothing yellow sunshine on a lazy summer day. Meeting with no resistance, he parted her lips and tasted the honey of her mouth. He kicked the door shut and moved her up against the wall, all the time tasting more of her sweetness.
Not even a mountain of chocolate could be sweeter.
Inflamed that she hadn’t resisted, his control broke. Over and over he claimed her mouth, paying attention to caress every recess, invading her mouth the way his body desired to invade hers. The fiercer his kisses the more she wilted in his arms. She tasted like chocolate and the desire she was trying to deny herself. Need swept through every inch of him, begging to be satisfied, so he turned up the heat and added more pressure to the kiss. When she responded with a sweet moan, he pressed between her legs, consummating the kiss.
Somehow they’d moved to the stairs. She reclined on a step and he leaned over her. In the soft glow she reminded him of an angel sent to ease his torment. Only a few more steps and they’d be in her apartment. Once inside no way would he tuck her in bed again and leave.
He wished it were that simple.

Enjoy the sunny days while we can!

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