Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 RWA convention in D.C.

Wow. Hard to believe two years have passed since my last RWA convention in Dallas.
Here I am, struggling with what outfits to wear, shoes to tote. No more than three pairs this year. I need room for copies of my first book MELTDOWN, and promo items. It was at the Dallas convention that I pitched the manuscript,to Kate Dorn of TWRP. So I'm proof that wonderful things happen at conventions. Another thing I like about conventions is seeing someone rather than talking to their virtual self. Real hugs beat cyberhugs. And, forever groupie that I am, I'll see and get autographed books from my favorite authors. At my first conference in Reno I took pictures of every one of them, (see former blog) or rather, a fellow CNY writer Kris Fletcher did. 'Hambone' me. LOL Each photograph is in a special scrapbook with all my experiences from this new journey in my life. What photos and mementos will I add from this experience in D.C.?? And did I mention the parties? 'O)
If things don't get too crazy I'll try to blog about it all!
Love and peace,

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Mary Ricksen said...

Don't worry about outfits. Just have a good time and enjoy it!!