Sunday, April 22, 2007


OMG-- this weekend has been beautiful!! We've waited so long for sunshine, and now it's here. There's buds on the trees and the grass is greening and I have an abundance of tulips and daffodils bordering my house. Yesterday, I put the top down on the Mustang and drove to see Ricky at SUNY Albany. There, the air seemed electrified, more so than usual. Today is the biggest day of the year, Fountain Day. The college turns on this huge fountain in the center of the quad, and the kids do what college kids do, run in it, play Frisbee, toss each other in it. As you can imagine, security has been maximized. While I dipped my toes into the water, Ricky asked if I wanted to go back to being a college student. "Hell no," I replied! I love my life right now. This has been an amazing year. My first book is coming out in August!! Erica's home, having graduated from SUNY Albany, cum laude in Communication. We recently visited Widener Law School, in Wilmington's, Delaware. Yes, Erica wants to be a lawyer. My dad would be so proud. Mom's doing well, and can't wait to spring clean. And I interviewed for a Chemistry teaching job in New Hartford last week. (Say a prayer that I get it!) So after dropping off a, Tony's tomato pie, to a bunch of hungry roommates, I bid adieu to the college scene. On the way home, I thought about the time I would go back to visit. Definitely when my kids were babies, where I could hug them and hold them and protect them from life's traumas. In light of what's happened this week at Virginia Tech, you're probably like me, and have phoned a loved one or hugged someone you care about a little harder. I wish we all could live in peace and be happy with everything that this planet has to offer. It's times like this, that make little things much sweeter, like visiting your son just to say hi, or sitting on the deck with your daughter, listening to her plans and dreams for the future. Enjoy your sunshine!

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