Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter time

Happy Easter! Hard to believe a year ago I'd spent Easter Sunday in Assissi, Italy, without my family but a group of wonderful friends. We had a seven course Italian feast, including several wines. How many of you have ham for Easter? This year, I'm back with my family in Central New York, and I broke with tradition by serving Vodka riggies. Ricky, Erica, Mom and my niece, Danielle, really enjoyed the meal. I broke the Italian tradition of a huge meal and tons of desserts, but with teaching and writing somethings gotta give. Hey, what's more important? Right answer: being together! Besides, we had more time to play Rummy. The last time Mom played cards with my kids, they played go-fish. They really enjoyed playing "an adult card" game, and showed no mercy with their poor grandmother! This is one holiday that I didn't stress over. A good day. It's so nice to spend holidays with family.

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