Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Superbowl??

Super super Bowl?
I'm glad I stayed home in my pj's. Turned out to be a boring superbowl- even the commercials were a disappointment. I enjoyed two- the Doritos Dogs and the snickers Marilyn Monroe commercial. Both cracked me up. Half time was ok. Reminded me of a 60's redo with all the flowers. Not too original but very colorful and pretty to see on tv. I love Coldplay and could listen to them all day. Seeing Astronaut Kelly throw a football while weightless was also fun for me. He was on the Colbert show. So much fuss over a football game. All to see some pizza and beer. Well, this is America. And speaking of this great country, you know we have a lot of voracious reader of romance novels? Seems someone noticed and made a documentary about our industry. It's called Love Between the Covers. Here's the information from my chapter's website :  Finally- thank you!
Congratulations to the 50th Superbowl Cahampions Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Onto NASCAR!!!!

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