Monday, June 22, 2009

The Little Princess

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far, away, a very special little princess was born.

She had curly brown hair like her mother, the queen, and huge green eyes like her father, the king, and a laugh that made everyone smile and laugh with her. The little princess loved to play games and invited all the children in the kingdom to her castle. She made lots of friends, but was lonely. One day by the slimey castle moat she kissed a smooth-talking frog, who turned into a prince. For ten years they stayed in the kingdom and partied with friends and family before they decided to wed.

Now the little princess is Queen, and she lives with the King and their kingdom is vast.

Blessed with four little princesses, and one tadpole, they live,
Happily Ever After.

Happy 5-0 Allene!

Love ya,

Little Sis


Holly Greenfield said...

You two look so much alike!a

Jason Barret said...

Hi Susan,

I think Holly is right. I hope your Lil' sister enjoyed her special b-day story.

I loved the book and waiting for more!

Susan St. Thomas said...

Holly and Jason, you are both great friends to respond so fast!
Her birthday is tomorrow. I've sent the post to all her friends.
I also have childhood photos in the OD. Even Susan put one in! Her friends and husband will probably do worse to her. We're ending the day at the Turning Sone Casino.

Judy Pennell said...

Wow--the resemblance is uncanny! Two gorgeous ladies! :-) Happy 5-0 Allene!

Nicki Greenwood said...

Definite family resemblance there. Happy Birthday Allene!

Diana Holquist said...

Happy birthday!

Sloane Taylor said...

Susan, this is a wonderful story and tribute for your sister's birthday.

Happy Birthday to Queen Allene!!

Vicki Batman said...

Suemarie, what a wonderful sister story. Cherish each other and this special day.

Susan St. Thomas said...

I wish I was as pretty as my sister. My wrinkles and bags make me the castle's hag. She's the beauty.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It made our day!