Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Book review

Long and Short Reviews gave MELTDOWN their hightest honor- best book review, highest praise and reserved only for a few. I'm in orbit! Here's the review:
"Susan St. Thomas’s Meltdown ROCKS!! It’s a love story of two tortured souls Cassie and Evan, filled with everything that makes a great romantic suspense read. It will blow your socks off.

Not only did I love this story, I literally couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. There is so much nail biting, edge of your seat action suspense that you’ll need to wipe the sweat of your brow often. The love scenes are so hot that they could speed up global warming and tender enough that you need tissues close at hand, and should be a mandatory manual for all prospective lovers.

It has wonderfully defined and developed characters not only the hero and heroine, but an equally great supporting cast. Her writing style was entertaining and descriptive enough that I could actually see the scenes being depicted. With so much going on at any given time in the story you never loose track of where she wanted the reader to go.

So if you’re opposed to an excellent read, spicy love scenes, great suspense, wonderful characters and a definite best seller then this is not the book for you. For the rest of you out there...well, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy for yourself.
by Larkspur"
Isn't that the best!!!! I hope readers are listening!


Mary Ricksen said...

Congratulations, and I am listening. You must be walking on air. I am soo happy for you, (and a tad jealous, Ha!) I hope the readers get it too and you have massive sales!

Susan St. Thomas said...

I'm surfing snowflakes! Thanks for all your support. Soon it will be your turn to shine!